JointMobility | Joint Care for Stiff and Older Dogs

JointMobility | Joint Care for Stiff and Older Dogs

4.8 (351 reviews)

"Poppy is much better since taking Joint Mobility. She walks more easily and has even started playing again!" - Georgina Burrett

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Hip and Joint Care Supplement for Adult and Senior Dogs. JointMobility Helps Reduce Discomfort and Aids Mobility. With Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Turmeric and Boswellia. 120 Tablets.

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  • Description

    Help Your Dog Love Life Again

    JointMobility, created to give your dog a happy, healthy, and active lifestyle by reducing discomfort and stiffness and supporting the growth and maintenance of their joints.

    Harness The Power Of Turmeric And Boswellia

    Give your dog the only supplement benefitting from both these fantastic anti-inflammatories. JointMobility contains a proprietary C3 curcumin complex providing the equivalent of 1140mg of quality turmeric and 90mg of natural Boswellia.

    These botanicals work in different ways to reduce swelling and tenderness in joints and together provide enhanced relief for your dog, making JointMobility an essential component for your dog's joint health.

    Jointmobility Supports Joint Structure

    Glucosamine and Chondroitin help with lubricating joints and the formation, rebuilding and maintenance of healthy joint cartilage. Manganese supports collagen formation in the cartilage, tendons and ligaments. MSM is a natural anti-inflammatory and also helps lubricate stiff joints. Vitamins C and E neutralise free radicals helping to prevent further joint damage.

    JointMobility only uses Glucosamine HCL, which is more readily absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract than the cheaper Glucosamine Sulphate, vitally important for the short digestive tracts of dogs.

    Safe For Everyday Use

    Daily use of JointMobility is recommended to help get your dog back on its feet and enjoying life again. One tablet for small dogs, two tablets for medium dogs, three tablets for large dogs and four tablets for very large dogs. Double the amount for the first 4-6 weeks.

    As JointMobility is made from natural ingredients it is an ideal choice for your dog's long-term health.

    Quality Assured

    JointMobility is made in the UK from premium natural human-grade ingredients to GMP code of practice and ISO 9001 certification. This results in a consistently high-quality product specifically formulated for the health and wellbeing of your dog.

  • Ingredients

    Glucosamine 250mg

    MSM 125mg

    Chondroitin 125mg

    Boswellia 90mg

    Curcumin C3 Complex 30mg (Equivalent to 1140mg turmeric)

    Vitamin C 15mg

    Manganese 5mg

    Vitamin E 0.5mg

  • Directions

    Daily use of JointMobility is recommended to help get your dog back on its feet and enjoying life again.

    One tablet for small dogs, two tablets for medium dogs, three tablets for large dogs and four tablets for very large dogs.

    Double the amount for the first 4-6 weeks.

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5 (351 reviews)

Elle Blonde

I bought these after reading countless reviews online. My 11yo jack russell has horrific arthritis in his front paws and was constantly tucking his paws under himself, growling if you touched them when stroking him, he was a little lame and stiff too.


Our 11 year old little dog has been so bad with arthritis in her front legs recently she has barely got out of her bed, we have been so worried and had in her, in honesty, at deaths door! We read the reviews on this product and gave it a go. In fairness, she has only been on them for 3 days and we can honestly say that we can see a difference. She is actually getting out of her bed for a wander around, albeit still limping and still slow, but making an effort all the same, more than has been doing. I honestly think these tablets are making a difference, so much so, i have bought the human equivalent as both myself and my husband have arthritis. They have a beefy flavour and smell really tasty, she gets them as a 'treat' on a morning and evening and they don't need to be crushed into food, so handy. I would recommend this product for dogs with arthritis, aches and pains as i really do think they make a difference.

Tracy Hope

My 12 year old German shepherd was suffering with her hips, struggling to get up, well gave her these and wow! What an improvement back to her normal self, gets up and down with ease now ????

Margaret Goodchild

I strongly recommend this product. My dog had difficulty walking until I bought her these tablets. Now I have problems keeping up with her.

Paul Berrisford

My dog stemmed to move more freely can not comment n the flavour as I did not taste them

Julie Smith

Good product seems to work and help my 15 year old little dog.


Work well

Mrs. H. Provodenko

It helps my dog with stiffness in her joints. We noticed the difference straight away. We give the tablets with her food.


Good news for old bones. My dogs appear to be more comfortable with these tablets.


My dog doesn't like the smell so I break it half and mix in his food. Once I stopped giving him the pills, I noticed he walked slower so it is a good proof that the pills help very much his joints


Good product, certainly work on my Old Springer Spaniel.


Fast delivery and the product really works for my elderly dog, helping her mobility. She?s a very big dog and very old, approximately 17 years old! [she?s a rescue dog, so can?t be totally certain, but that?s what the vet says] and these tablets are also like dog treats for her, she loves them.

J Bunkell

I bought these for gunner my English bull terrier, he's 6 and had started to get stiff and wasn't as happy as he used, I gave them to him and within a month he has gone back to being his old self, playing and generally being a loon. The fact that they are herbal remedies rather than chemicals was a big part of why we went with them. Would happily recommend to anyone.

Reggae Queen

My dog has had arthritis and joint problems for quite awhile. He didn't want to walk far, was bearly able to move with the pain at times.

Nicholas Brew

He seems to be better not so stiff when he moves

Julie B.

My 12 year old GSD is now on prescription anti inflammatory medication for Degenerative Myelopathy but has been taking Joint Mobility tablets for a good couple of years which I believe has helped delay the effects which ordinarily take 3-6 months to get to this stage. The vet has advised that while there is no preventive treatment or cure for DM, the Joint Mobility tablets have helped and also compliment the pain relief and to keep using them. I believe that long term use of Joint Mobility has helped to keep his joints mobile so he can still move around the house unaided, albeit wobbly, as well as enjoy his daily walk/run in his Walkin? Wheels without needing to use the stirrups, which is keeping him mentally active too. He?s a happy boy with an incredible zest for life for his age :)

georgina burrett

My 13 & a half year old dalmatian Poppy is much better since taking the Joint Mobility. She walks more easily and has even started playing again!

kenneth b.


Mandy Douglas

This product helped my senior dog for many months before he passed away a few weeks ago. He had suffered from arthritis his entire adult life and when I put him on joint mobility his condition stabilised for a long time enabling him to enjoy a more normal, happy life. I am delighted with joint mobility and cannot speak highly enough of the friendly helpful staff at The Dog Company. I shall certainly be using The Dog Company?s products when I get my next dog. Wonderful people and product.

Hugh D.

been using it on our aging Labrador who manages it with a little butter to make it more enticing (he won?t eat it on its own). we feed twice a day so the fact that the dose is right without splitting pills is great.

Derek S.

Excellent service and product

Sue Danks

My dog had days when she didn?t want to do anything. Since taking these tablets she?s had a new lease of life & is now a very energetic 14 year old. Thanks

Julie B.

I have been giving the Joint Mobility tablets to my German Shepherd for a long time now and they have definitely made a huge difference and his vet agrees. :)

Denis Flaherty

Good product

Phil F.

Miyah?s mobiity has remained very good with the continued use of ?Joint Mobility?

Bronwyn Moore

Fantastic even with covid 19 delivery as quick as always so thank you so much. Willow is managing thanks to joint mobility wouldn't realise she has arthritis in hips elbows and ankles kkk

sheila k.

Our dog has been more active since we have been using your product we are very pleased with it


My dog has been taking the Joint Mobility tablets for a few weeks now and is enjoying longer walks. My order arrived very quickly, the container is a flattened design which easily goes through the letterbox. I shall continue to keep ordering these in future.


My dog seems much happier since using this product :)

simon moffat

My German Shepherd is nearly 10 and these have certainly helped his joints and mobility as we often walk 5 miles or more with no issues and he is still very active.

Phil F.

Miyah has shown vast improvements over the last couple of months.

Michael Mewbold

Top marks for immediate delivery as usual well done


Great service. Fast delivery we will use them again. Thanks.


Keeps my Rottweiler out of pain through elbow dysplasia and arthritis. Thanks

Frank Hopewell

The tablets really help my dog with her joint problems. Would recommend both tablets &the dog company great service

susan d.

Definitely walks better and she likes them. She's an 11 year old Border Terrier


This product is very helpful for my German Shepherd

Derek S.

Great service and excellent product

kenneth boucher

Very good

Dave A.

Good product

Mandy Douglas

Excellent as ever! Quick, reliable and completely professional service.

Derek S.

Brilliant service and excellent product

sheila keeley

since taking the tablets our dog has got a new zest for life very impressed with product


It has helped my old collie he now moves a lot easier he is 12 yrs old and is stiff in his back legs but the tablets have helped him. The dog company always makes swift deliveries I cannot fault them.

Anne Hillier

Sparky, our 10 year old Greyhound, has been a much happier dog since starting to have 'Joint Mobility' tablets. He was always a very picky eater but now has a far better appetite and is generally much more contented with life.

Lynda M.

My dogs mobility has defiantly improved since giving him these tablets

John Wyman

Helps my dog who has arthritis.


Joint mobility is a good product and is helping our labrador who is having to lose weight as well. He still limps a little at night but not as much as before we started giving him these tablets.

Nicholas Brew

Have been giving them to the dog for a while and they seem to be helping his movement in his legs

Derek S.

Excellent service great products


Quick and efficient delivery. The dog likes them ( to be fair she eats everything) and there appears to be a slight improvement in mobility which is as much as can be reasonably expected.

Dave A.

Very good product

Mrs L.

They have everything my dog needs and The Dog Company are quick and easy to deal with.

Phil Fryer

Our baby Miyah has definitely improved mobility

Denis Flaherty

13yr old springer with a bit more spring in her tired old legs. Definitely worth it.

Malcolm Unwin

Really works not limping at all

Dariusz Gorski

Absolutely amazing. My dog was suffering with stiff leg. Was limping and after 3-4 days miracle happened. Thank you so much for this amazing tablets. My dog Toby is having them every day.

Kay A.

Early days, but my dog's mobility seems to be improving

kenneth boucher

Very good

simon moffat

Since using these I have noticed an ongoing improvement in my german shepherds mobility and use of his rear legs


My lovely old boy Leo has been using for a number of months now and we definitely see a marked improvement since using the Joint Mobility

Derek S.

Great service and excellent product


Both 11 year old Rough Collies still run around playing together like pups . Millie who loves balls still runs and retrieves them without being stiff afterwards which was the case previously .

Dave A.

Works OK

Frank Hopewell

Really helped with my dogs joint stiffness would recommend

Lynda Mayo

Easy to give tablets in food, definite improvement in my dogs joints


great stuff, puts the spring back in his step

chris mcintosh

Good product & great service. Many thanks.

Julie B.

My 12 year old German Shepherd would yelp every time he got up from a lying down position, but since taking the jointMobility tablets everyday, he hasn't yelped once and is back to his more youthful self, following me from room to room. Make sure you double the dose to start with as advised, it makes a difference :-)


Very impessed with both their product and service

joyce brooks

slightly less limp


These have really helped our 13 year old dog! Last winter he had lots of troubles when walking or getting up and down from the couch. This year he is loads better and is running up and down stairs. These tablets have been a god send for us.


My elderly dog Leo has been showing signs of reduced movement, we have tried various products but after trying Joint Mobility he seems much improved, we will be keeping him on these.

Sandra T.

I was seriously worried about my 12 year old collie cross, when her health took a turn for the worst, made clear to me, when she got off the sofa and her legs collapsed under her, then the same day she went under the bed and couldn't get back out again, until much later in the evening. I took her to the vets the next day and she was diagnosed with having arthritis mainly in her back legs. The only advice I was given was to give her half a paracetamol am and pm , (which I have) along with expensive sessions of physiotherapy/ acupuncture which I couldn't afford. I therefore set about adding foods into her diet such as egg that contains biotin, fish oil, sardines into her diet throughout the week, that are also good for joints and she improved. I also researched the different supplements that help with arthritis, and plumped for the JointMobility by Wagmore which included a good combination of well proven supplements for arthritis and joint problems at a good price compared to other products, (although turmeric is far more effective when combined with pepper which is very easy to add a tiny pinch into her food). The proof of it's effectiveness is the massive change in my dogs mobility and her higher energy levels, she is doing so well she is becoming a pest wanting me to play all the time and I love it! I also want to thank Wagmore for it's efficient ordering and prompt delivery service too.

Georgina Burrett

It has helped her mobility .


If Willow doesn't have these she struggles getting up after a long nap can't go for long walks or runs with her play mates. So great to see her having fun with her mates


I have used The Dog Company on numerous occasions for joint mobility tablets and have always had excellent service

Sandra Franklin

My dog is nearly 12 & struggling to get up & walk without limping But no more since taking these.

Joanne Palmer

I have a 12 year old collie who was struggling with his legs. I've been giving him one of these tablets twice a week for 3 weeks now and we've noticed a huge improvement this week. The limp he had in his front leg has completly gone now. He's not a dog that rested himself so I'm convinced it's down to these tablets. I'm delighted as it's saved a visit to the vets.

Anne H.

These tablets have definitely made a difference to our 9 year old Greyhound. He seems to move more freely and generally appears happier.

Phil Fryer

Miyah is almost 14 and suffers with arthritis in one of her back legs, the 'Joint Mobility' has really helped giving her less painful movement, we are very pleased with it.

sheila keeley

very good on picking order and delivery


Helped a little but apparently it takes time up to 3 months .....

Taryn Cotton

Works brilliant

Bronwyn Moore

Since willow our 5 year old Labrador has been on these she isn't as stiff as she used to be due to joint problems since she was 12 weeks old poor love has suffered thankfully we were recommend these we had tried others but with out any help. She is back to being a normal dog now took a couple of weeks to fully appreciate how much better she was . Thanks whatever is in joint mobility works brilliantly for our baby

Phil F.

These have made such a difference to Miyah's mobility.

Coral Lawrence

my three dogs have it daily ,their easy movements tell their own story

Y.Voykov Voykov

My dog stopped limping after taking these pills

simon moffat

Our GSD is 9 years and showed signs of joint pain, after a week or two it began to improve. He is walking well now and a noticeable improvement.

Donna E.

It seems like this has made my 12 year old dogs leg much better. She hasn't limped since I got her on this tablet.

Julie Jones

Fab product, arrives quickly and has really helped my girlie, who has arthritis


The joint mobility tablets have really helped with my dog's arthritis.

Malcolm Unwin

Seems to work well not limping as much as before

Toyah Glennon

Fantastic product and super quick delivery

Derek S.


Ian Fraser

The treatment is just what I needed and the service is superb


My dalmatian turned 13 last October, he has progressively got worse in the hip and knee areas, searched and found these and they have really helped him, he enjoys them in his food.

Garry Campbell

My lab has hip dysplasia in both back legs and elbow dysplasia in both front legs. We started giving harlem these tablets and they kond of made a difference to him. We never actually noticed this until we stopped his tablets. When we stopped his tablets he would play for 5 minutes then lay down. We started giving harlem these tablets again and they are like a little miricle pill. He has loads of play time in him. I would say it has made him a different dog in a way. He gets 3 a day along with his prevocox (painkiller) every 2nd day.


I have been giving these to 2 of my dogs who have leg problems for a few months. What a difference - both are able to run around no problem and my girl's hip doesn't keep locking up now. We saw an improvement very quickly. Would recommend.

Sandra Franklin

My labradoodle has been so much better since taking these supplements. This is the second pack I have bought & she is still managing to get up ( shes nearly 12 so is a little slower now) & walk about without limping. I'm about to order my 3rd pack. So happy with this product & packaging is genius as it comes through letter box so no knocking on neighbours door disturbing them or traipsing half way across town to collect from main post office collection point.


Joint mobility tablets are really helping with my dogs arthritis.


I believe they are working and will continue to use them for now. 10 yr old rotty still bouncing :-)

Jo W.

These have eased stiffness and discomfort in our elderly greyhound who is now back to running and leaping around.

Anthony Williams

I have a 9yr staffy and I think he has joint problems as he limps on his back legs.

June Hale

This is long term for our dog & she continues to ge ok


My 11 year old Dalmatian has really benefitted from this. His Arthritis is not so painful and his limp is gone. Great company. I even got a lovely Christmas card and hand written. Thank you. X

Christine H.

My 13yr old puppy is less stiff and finds it easier to get up

Mrs Barbara Hale

12 yearshikzu crosswas I quite a lot of pain until I started him on these wonderful tablets thankyou so much.My

Sheila C.

Joint mobility has really helped my dog, he's getting old now, and has a problem walking, but theses tablets have really helped.

Robert Robinson

Very effective, easy to order and swift delivery service.

Trevor Bailey

Jess is definitely more mobile since she started taking the joint mobility tablets, and her limp is less pronounced than it was.


My lovely German Shepherd is more mobile since taking these tablets - long may it continue.


Seems to have helped three legged boy on walks.

Sandra Franklin

My dog was vey stiff when getting up but since being on these tablets seems to be getting up easier and quicker.


I have rico a 9 yr old german shepard an see a massive improvement in him since I srarted using joint movility tablets on a 10 out of 10


Very happy with the product and our dog is not in pain anymore.

Julie B.

I have been giving these tablets to my ageing dogs for a while now and they are really making a difference to their mobility, especially for my very large German Shepherd. He was starting to get quite wobbly on his back legs and would nibble at them after a walk as if they were causing him discomfort, but now, he can spring off them in to a sprint without the wobble and he doesn't nibble them. Other dog walkers don't believe me when I tell them how old he is any more!

Lorraine D.

Used for 2 dogs, one aged 12 and one aged 5. The 12 year old was limping after long walks and the 5 year old was under veterinary care for lameness in back legs. After being on joint mobility for 4 weeks (on increased initial hose) both dogs showed improvement. Veterinary advice was to continue using. 12 year old us now w playing like a puppy, which is lovely to see.

Amanda Marriott

Helps my 12 old Alaskan Malamute for sure :)

Sheila C.

My dog is 14, and has joint problems, joint mobility tablets have been a great help to him.

Mrs L.

This has all the additional supplements that my dog needs. Delivery is always quick and they're a company I happily keep using.

Stephen Rogers

He is like young dog no more limping and enjoying a his walks joint mobility has made a huge difference

Paul R.

Ou 14yr old has been on these for a couple of months now, and she acts likes a puppy

Jacqui M.

Easy for Lily to take crushed up in her food

Garry Marshall

My 9 year old American bulldog was stiffening up after long walks or runs, he no longer gets stiff the joint mobility are doing their job.

Frank Coggins

Excellent product


These tablets have made a huge difference to our 9 year old border collie, he loves chasing a stick and can do so now without suffering afterwards. Would highly recommend to owners whose dogs are suffering with joint pain.


A great alternative to painkillers

Coral L.

so pleased her litter sister is now on it

Vincent Girling

Haven't noticed much difference but my dog has not been on the product long enough to evaluate it

Jayne Dangerfield

Still to early to say, as she has only been on them 3weeks and still doubling up.however my dog does seem a little happier,I will be ordering more as I need to give it a few months to see if any improvement


looks like they work, been using for 2 months now. dog much less stiff.


My 13 year old Springer suffers with arthritis and he has benefited greatly from taking these tablets.


Joint mobility has definitely helped with my dogs movement.

David Butterworth

Satisfied with product bought, my dog is improved somewhat but l appreciate an old collie could take a little longer. Thank you.


After a course of anti inflammatory meds and pain killers these really seem to be helping our Rescue dog Toby with his stiff back leg. As others have said however he refuses to eat the tablets unless they are hidden in a peice of banana! Will be ordering more soon.

Alison Morris

I have an 11 uear old Dalmatian with arthritis starting in his hips. This product has helped him alot. Hes running around again and not limping anymore. Highly recommended. I give him 2 pills a day. 1 at night and 1 in the morning. He's happy again x. Thank you


Cassie doesn't seem to pick up her leg as much since taking her supplement for a month which has hip dysplasia.

Gillian Edbrooke

We can really see a difference in the way Holly is moving. Not as stiff as before which is great.

Nicholas Brew

has had more movement in his legs /joints

Alison Swann

Seems to be working well for my sixteen year old standard poodle. He has arthritis in his hips and back legs but is moving more easily now.


Early days but Barney seems to have improved with joint mobility. Product well packaged and arrived promptly. About to reorder more.

Georgina Burrett

Great improvement in Poppy's mobility and muscle strength also.

Ian P.

fast delivery but the best bit is it stopped my dog's leg clicking. We use with fish oil too.


My dog has had alot of trouble with arthritis in his knees. It's very expensive to go to the vets and get pain killers that only last about a week. Within a few days of using these his had stopped limping and was back to bouncing around like a pup! Though we still have to wrap them in meat to get him to swallow them

Lynda C.

This product has helped my Labrador Max immensely with his mobility issues

Bronwyn Moore

Absolutely the best on market for Willow plus she can take the tablet no problems some we had tried she didn't like so force which upsets us. She is still having days when she is a little bit stiff but that's probably because she has gone mad on her walk being like a puppy running around like a mad one. I would definitely recommend these give them a try.

Michael P.

Brilliantly packed, grt price

Sharon Palmer

Seen an incredible difference in our dogs mobility, hes a young dog but has stiff back legs, since taking these you,d never know he had problems, highly recommend these for your doggies.


Sam, our Border Collier, has been suffering from stiff joints and early onset Arthritis. We thought we'd give The Dog Company's JOINT MOBILITY a try to help him along. In the short time he has been taking the tablets there has been a noticeable improvement in his movement and general well-being. In other words, he is a happier and more active dog. We would definitely recommend giving JOINT MOBILITY a try. Oh, and Sam loves the taste of the tablets and would willingly eat a whole handful of them given the chance!


Since taking joint mobility we have noticed a big difference in our dogs ability to get around. Would recommend it to anyone.

Ron Warren

12 year old GSD shows marked improvement in mobility after the first 6 weeks. Will continue with the treatment.

Frank Hopewell

Very good value and good service will use again thank you

Allison G.

Still early days, but we can see an improvement in our dog. However, we have to crush up the tablets otherwise she won't eat them - just her being fussy!

Jonathan R.

My 9 year old labrador was having major problems getting about, particularly after a sleep (I know the feeling!) After a week with these Joint Mobility 'treats' the symptoms eased and now she's back to her normal lively self. Highly recommended.


This supplement works brilliantly in helping keep my 13 year old Jack Russell active and pain free after hip surgery.

Helen Brownless

Really helped

Lorraine L.

Quick service for my 12 yr old dog who is moving so much better with this supplement.

Ian G.

Our Black Labrador has been on vet prescribed anti inflammatories which worked. However this product seems to work just as well with a very significant cost reduction, so we will be reordering.

Jill Browning

excellent product and good service delivery

Margaret Colley

Great product

Paul McKee

A1 for service and price will order again


Very good.

Stuart Harman

We give Joint Mobility to both our 11yr old King Charles & our younger Labrador cross with a hip problem and it works great for both. When ground up and mixed with their daily food its never a problem getting the dogs to eat the tablets. The product is always dispatched and delivered very promptly.


Hes not limping anywhere near as much! The only downside is he hates taking them even though they supposed to be flavoured


as not help the dog so going to vet for help

Manuel Escuder

These tablets have worked wonders on our 13 year old terrier dog. She now takes them regularly and her limp on the front leg has virtually gone.

Bronwyn Moore

Since Willow has been taking this she has been able to move better still not moving probably but when she missed it for a couple of days she sat in the kitchen crying unable to move. Thankfully we will never let her miss again. She still doesn't like putting weight on her left back leg untill she has moved about a bit.

Julie B.

Doing exactly what I had hoped - My GSD no longer nibbles at his leg joints after a walk so clearly do not ache any more since taking these tablets. Started him on 6 per day for a couple of months and now reduced to 3 per day and still no nibbling. Happy dog, happy me!!


We have continued with these tablets for sometime now & she has been fine on them her movement is good

Elaine Toole

My boy is 13 years old and I must say that this has made a difference to his mobility

Mark Dixon

My collie dog has well improved with his arthritis in his back legs and is in less pain,he now pulls himself up off the floor very good product


I use them as a supplement for my Jack Russell and they seem to do the trick.

Jane K.

Crush a tablet into Jasmine's food each morning. Good for her little bones.


Works well, mostly.

Jackie Hicks

Done my dog the world of good


Excellent service and product


She doesn't like the taste of them, but there does seem to be an improvement in her mobility. It's early days yet, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the improvement is not short-term.

Robert Jones

Good product and very good price but most of all it helps my dog


Good product easy for dog to take


Seems to have done the trick. Baxter seems to be moving better on his old joints.

lianne boucher

Works wonders for Barney a 20 year old Jack Russel

Mike French

Good service, Brilliant Product, works better than I could imagine.

Ian Fraser

This product works superbly on my forties who both have hip problems, This is the best I have found, thank you.

kenneth boucher


Lynda barnett

will oder again as they are working on my Charlie xxx

Kathryn Grandfield


Nicola L.

My dog has been taking these for just over 6 months now and can honestly say that he hasn't limped since. Very impressed!

robin hards

work well for my 10 year old Alsation

Elaine Toole

There has been a slight improvement so will be ordering more of this product

Bronwyn Moore

Hard to tell she has arthritis already but just going to see if this helps. Hope it will she is only five years old. Really quick delivery & easy to order so will see how she goes with this if not someone might be able to suggest something else


My little old legs were getting stiff, my hips and shoulders were giving me gip and the stairs kept attacking me and I rolled down them, cracking my head a goodun. I was in a right state for a while but since taking the tablets I move about much easier. As for my head.....Well, nobody could ever accuse me of being the brightest girl so any damage has gone unnoticed! Thank you for asking though! Love, Polo

Lauren Homan

After a couple of weeks on these I cannot believe the difference in my girl!

Dean Parker

Fast delivery, seems like a good quality product, has made a difference.

Jenny M.

Our dog has had operations in both rear knees, these tablets have helped her recovery and ongoing joint health.


What can I say but because of these tablets our GSD is walking so much better. We were very worried about him. We tried these tablets and I was dubious at first but watched our dog change. We are so happy with these tablets as our dog has a sensitive stomach and has managed to keep them down. Thank you


My 8 year old Flatcoat with an old hip fracture and now a very definite limp has been on the joint mobility supplement for about 6 months, I'm sure he must be feeling better as he's got more naughty in his old age, racing round the garden at great speed, skidding round corners with no evidence of pain!!


We have an 11year old cross staff and American bull dog whose back legs have been getting really stiff since taking these tablets for a few months he has greatly improved would recommend them to anyone

Lou Headley

My girl Poppy has been on these tabs for approx 12 months now and the difference in her is amazing. She's gone from hardly being able to walk to running around again like a pup. I can't recommend this product highly enough xx

Patrick Edwards

The best thing for my dog

stanley robinson

my westie 14yrs, who has rear joint problemsseems to find these tablets a big help.will continue to use them for the forseeable future

Julie B.

I've been giving these tablets to my 10 year old German Shepherd and 11 year old Staffie Cross for about 4 weeks now at the recommended double dose and though the difference in their mobility isn't huge yet, there is definitely a noticeable difference particularly with my large German Shepherd (Diesel) so I am quite optimistic that greater effects will come with prolonged use. Diesel used to lick and nibble his hock joints after a run but now this seems to have stopped. My Staffie Cross, Lottie, needed the ball part of the ball and socket joint in her back leg removed after a nasty dislocation a few years ago and though her sassy hip wobble is permanent, she seems to lift this leg up less during her runs lately. I am going to continue giving them the tablets so I'll be able to update progress in a couple of months. My dogs won't eat the tablets unless they are crushed up and mixed with a bit of dog food gravy so they obviously don't taste nice enough for them but they are very easy to crush which is handy as Diesel is 44kg and on 6 tablets a day!

June Hale

Our dog is 10years old and has been on joint mobility tablets for nearly 2 years as she had joint problems and now she is running around and we haven't looked back.

Carol Wintrip

Easy website, prompt delivery

Avril B.

Seems to really help our girl get through the damp winter weather

Kim P.

My German Shepherd had started to have trouble when trying to get up and was whining quite a bit, but since taking these tablets he's been alot better and whines less now. They do seem to be helping him.


This is a new tablet to my dog and as yet it is having little or no effect on his mobility, hopefully as time progresses this will improve.

Sonya Imrie

My dog is having a better life - thank you.

David A.

Very good


Vast improvement in mobility

Eileen A.

They are wonderful and have worked wonders for my spaniel Max he is so much for mobile than before. I have recommended them to friends and family

Paul Longworth

My older dog is moving better

Andy Brown

Works a treat.

lianne boucher

Joint mobility has helped my jack Russel Barney ,.


Only just started using as I was using another product.


Have unfortunately not seen a big improvement but am very hopeful

Doug F.

Brilliant medication our 10yr old briard has a new lease of life

Yvonne C.

Really impressed with these tablets, big improvement in my dogs mobility after 3 weeks, would recommend.


Excellent product, brilliant service. Customer loyalty scheme offered too which is great!


Great product


What can I say but thank you so much Joint Mobility has helped our dog so much the limping has ceased and he seems happier in himself.

Michael A.

Fast delivery. Seems to help my dog. I think it is a good product

Clare Arbon

I am now on my 2nd course for my 11 year old GSD, he was getting very stiff and the tablets have helped him so much, he goes for much longer walks and is enjoying life again thank you Dog Company

Gordon P.

My older dog started to limp so tried these worked wonders got a happy dog again


Our Sheltie seems to be more active and happier after about a month of having this product (loading period). He still has his joint problems but there is visible improvement and he no longer stops during long walks.


The product has worked quickly helping our dog with his joint stiffness will definitely be purchasing more

John G.

Our dog is nearly 16 and we give him Joint Mobility tablets twice a day with his food. Along with the other medicines we give him, it keeps him going. The tablets are a valuable addition to his treatment.

Cameron Gordon

Your service is good and my dog liked the pills.


Our Jack Russell is running like a puppy again very pleased with this product

Nicola L.

My dog is nearly 7 and towards the end of last year he would limp now and again following walks. Started using this supplement and can honestly say his limping has all but gone so can only assume its doing its job. So all good so far!!


Still waiting to see long term effect. However, fast and efficient order and delivery


Good correspondence from company quick delivery. Not sure if any improvement yet as it is still early days

David A.

Very good

Paul Longworth

I think that the product is helping he is moving better

Gareth Davies

Both dogs have more active and happier in themselves since using the joint mobility tablets.

Julie Walker

Been on a month now much improved


Quick service , the dog is doing great on them might even start taking them myself

Gillian Corcoran

Our little spoocker honey was suffering from a problem with her back leg, she was only running on three legs, and once she lay down for a while, struggled to get up and walk. She was on the tablets for a few days, and the difference was remarkable. She is running around playing with her sister.


Very pleased been using these for a few months now, my dog seems more comfortable & less stiff in doing so.

Doug F.

Real improvement in our dogs mobility great product excellent service

Claire Napper

My 14 year old collie x Labrador has been on these since just before Christmas, SOMETHING is making her more lively so I'm ordering 2 more boxes! Really quick to arrive as well, ordered 15th Dec late in the day & arrived 1st thing on the 17th!


Highly recommend product and the fast fabulous service from The Dog Company. Our nearly 14 year old collie has renewed vitality. It made a noticeable difference within a couple of weeks. Checked product with vet and he absolutely advocated it too. Said he had taken something very similar (human version) himself to good effect following a rugby injury! Hearing lots of excellent reports from several people.


Before we rescued him our Flatcoat had a few nasty injuries inflicted on him when he was a puppy, one of which was a broken hip, he is now nearly 8 and walks with quite limp. Our vet recommended this product and we have seen a great improvement in him. Thank You


This product seems to be helping my owd lab a great deal !!! I read the reviews and was a little sceptical, however he's definitely more mobile which is fantastic to see!!! This was also my first order with The Dog Company and I can honestly say I would give them five stars!! Easy to use website and fast efficient service! What more can you ask!!


Excellent seller, always quick delivery and our 13yr jack russell is a new dog thank you. I have recommended product to other dog owners thank you

Mike French

Rosie is a 11-year-old long-haired miniature dachshund and she is benefiting on the one a day joint supplement.

Julia H.

These tablets seem to help keep my dogs mobile and they don't mind eating them! Service is always prompt and helpful.


These tablets really do work for our 8 year old golden retriever who was struggling to get out of his bed some days. Lovely company to deal with and excellent product.

Sue M.

My dogs are 12 and 14 so we ordered these tablets to help their legs, they do seem to help.


My 13 year old border X is up and about like her old self. Would 100% recommend

Debbie R.

My staff had become stiff and since using the product seems to be moving about easier


The product arrived very quickly. Joint mobility improved our dog's condition in just a few days! He stoped limping and crying from pain and, for now, he doesn't seem to need strong and harmful painkillers prescribed by vet.

Bernard P.

From my point of view this product has worked miracles. Using golden paste previously seemed to work reasonably well but over time the effect was less noticeable to the stage that my Labrador (Bradley) was struggling with his back legs and arthritis and appeared to be in quite some pain. So much so that we thought we may have to put him out of his misery. As a last ditch attempt we tried the JOINT MOBILITY product from your company and applied double dosage for the first two weeks. In the first 48 hrs his mobility improved so much that he was like a different dog ! Having reduced the dose to 3 tabs per day he is both more active and happier with his life now. Many thanks for the product and I have passed on my experiences within our local dog community.

Christine G.

Very easy to place an order, answered queries promptly. Excellent after sales customer service. Very obliging. Oh and prompt delivery. Will purchase from them again. Thank you

kenneth boucher



Purchased to treat my ten year old dog he was having trouble getting up on. His hind legs the tablets have helped him

Ian Fraser

This product is brilliant and has helped both of my Rottweilers with hip problems. 'Thanks

Julia H.

A good product and excellent, speedy service.


Brought these as my dog has recently been diagnosed with arthritis & also meniscus damage, hoping that these will help in the long run alongside prescribed medication as needed. Quick delivery.


I started giving these pills to my 12 year-old Cocker Spaniel last December after she had a small stroke and was having difficulty walking. After a few months she was back to normal and she is still enjoying her daily walkies to this day. These pills have given her a new lease of life. My grateful thanks to The Dog Company.


Great service again


We have a 9yrs old retired greyhound, his age was beginning to show, getting stiff and slow, these tablets have given him energy and enthusiasm for his walks and he looks so much healthier with a glossy, smooth coat. A totally happier dog.


excellent product

Manuel Escuder

Our elderly dog, about 14, who was rescued when she may have been 1 year old developed a lump on her front leg. The vet agreed this was age related arthritis. She has been taken the tablets for some time but with little improvement so after buying another set of tablets, I doubled the dosage to 2 tablets and hey presto, the limp has gone! It was my fault as the label does recommend the increased dose to start with. So very very pleased with the result and I will next revert to the one tablet dosage recommended for her weight. Brilliant product


Dougie's coat and back leg has noticeably improved since starting on these... he's not a fan of them whole but they are easy to crush up on his food and hide in some milk! :) Very happy with these.

amanda mcgregor

Easy to crush and add to food.

lianne boucher

I would recommend this product of joint mobility, Barney who is a 20 year old jack russel dog has got a new lease of life.

Robert Robinson

Very efficient service


Works ok


Speedy delivery as usual and good product.


My dogs certainly seem better on joint mobility. Prompt deli very service too.

Peter M.

Well worth the price - excellent product!

Roger C.

Seems to work and dog likes them


hoping to improve my 17 year old german shepherd mobility, early days yet

Doug F.

Excellent service and product seems to have made an improvement after 4 weeks

Clare Smith

This has given my 17 year dog another lease of life. They've improved his mobility so much it's hard to believe

Maggie De Coteau

My beautiful Golden Retriever aged 12 years and 7 months is already so much better. She comes for 2 Walks each day again. Loves to pinch socks and cushions when you're not looking, and has the fun personality that she used to have. I didn't think I would ever see that sparkle again.

Elizabeth F.

Still on full amount at moment but seems to have helped


We were worried about our dog he seemed to be limping. So we looked online saw this product, were a bit dubious to its claims. Our dog has been on these tablets for 3mths and he has stopped limping. I can not thank you enough plus with his dainty stomach he hasn't been sick. again thank you

gillian hogg

Seems to be doing his joints a lot of good

patricia Fuller

my old rescue dog lexie has been on joint mobility for a while now and i see the benefit on a daily basis, thank you all at joint mobility.

Mrs Barbara Hale

Thankyou for the wonderful results for my little shitzu to have a happy and healthy lifestyle thenkyou again


Seem to be working ok

Lou H.

I've got my girl back. After being kicked by a horse 4 years ago my dog Poppy has really struggled walking. These tablets have given her a new lease of life. I'm not saying they've fixed her completely but she can now go on walks with us again and enjoy them.


Best price and quick delivery.

Yvonne S.

Very good product and fast delivery service

Darrin Turner

First class product. Has helped our dog Ace out. Has given him a new lease of life ?


Hi, My Gsd has arthritis and spondylosis he can still get around reasonably well but I was looking for a Nasid prescribed alternative no nasty side effects. After 3 days I can see he is moving more fluidly and freely. Really pleased. Would recommend to others, well worth trying. Also the Boswellia in the tablet is a great addition - very good for pain relief and aids digestion.

Charles W.

Has improved ability to get in and out of car.


Had a fantastic effect on my dog


Good product and prompt delivery. Thank you.

Kevin B.

Really pleased, tablets are much better than the big name sprinkler caplets, and seem equally effective. Delivery was very quick.

Charles W.

Noticed significant improvement in mobility of hip joints


Dog wasn't tolerating anti-inflammatories very well - no issues on these and eating well. Will use prescription drugs for flare ups only not all the time.

Paul B.

Great product. Bella was really starting to limp until we started using this. A few months later and she is so much better.we are so pleased


Good product and service. Thank you.

Peter R.

Check out the ingredients list, this product contains a higher percentage of beneficial supplements than alternative products. My Akita has been taking these for two years and I'm convinced they are helping her maintain her mobility.


Our dog has had stiffness in his back legs but after two months on double dosage he seems to be improving. I would recommend The Dog Company, excellent service and quick delivery.

Clare Smith

Excellent product. These have given my 17 year old dog a new lease of life.


Great service. Only marked down bevause there is no offer of discount for HM Forces.


Great service and really help my old girl x


Hard to assess effectiveness, much easier to use than sprinkle caplets.

Jenny M.

Have really noticed a difference in her mobility and certainly legs less stiff.

Jacqui Newbold

I cannot praise this product highly enough. Three months or so ago my 12 year old Staffie could barely put his foot to the ground and the vet said it was arthritis. I looked through all the joint mobility products but this one had pain relief as well. I bought a box without very much hope and I thought I would be losing my beautiful boy BUT within a very short time he was walking better and as time progressed he was clearly feeling better and we are now back to the walks we always used to do. He is on just two tablets a day and I cannot express how thankful I am to have discovered Joint Mobility.


Our dog was experiencing difficulties with movement in her leg joints especially going downstairs first thing of a morning, so we started her on this joint mobility & she is much better, you do see an improvement quite early on.


good service

Colin Dowd

Having used joint mobility for a few months. My French mastif is no longer on NSAIDs for his hip displacement. I know that your product is not a cure but I have a dog who quality of life has greatly improved. Many thanks.


My old large dogs suffers with joint pain since giving him these regularly he's like a puppy. would definitely recommend.


First class service


I would recommend this product, our jack Russell Barney 19 years old has a new lease of life.

john ettinger

Vets estimated fee for tablets 45 ponds for 1 week supply joint mobility 19.99 for a month fantastic

Geoff Marshall

It's great to find a supplement that my dog actually eats willingly and also works, she is so much more active since she's been taking them. Thank you.

Miss Lewis

Great product and service 5*

wendy morgan

I have to 8 year old westies both with stiffness in back legs but since they have been on joint mobile they have improved and are running around with no stiffness and no pain


Our lab aged 8 has been on them for a month now in place of DGP which we can no longer obtain. They appear to be working even better.

patricia Fuller

i am very pleased with this product, does what it says it does unlike other more expensive products. i can't recommend it highly enough. regards pat fuller

Michael Newbold

Top class service and top class product - done our Staffie a world of good. Before taking these tablets I thought we would lose him but now, five weeks on, he is so very much better and enjoys his walks once again. We are so very grateful we found this product.


Placed order without fuss. Received prompt order confirmation and product arrived within a couple of days as briefed. Excellent friendly service, highly recommended.


Thank you for a first rate product. The joint mobility tablets are certainly making a huge difference to Meg my golden Labradors mobility. They are far cheaper than medication provided by my vet & I like that they are an all natural product.

Trac B.

Have only been using for two weeks and decided not to front load as we'd already been using another glucosamine product. Before purchasing, we'd bought a harness to lift our dog back into the car and looked at buying a ramp. We've not actually had to use the harness, there appears to be improved mobility when walking and less stiffness after resting. Cautiously optimistic at this point.

Lynne L.

Excellent, have previously reviewed this product and seen the benefits to my dogs health. I have started all my dogs on these tablets and will be reviewing agin in a few weeks time.

Clare Smith

My dog is almost 17 and started to suffer over night with painful arthritic joints. His mobility became limited. This product has made 100% difference to him and his quality of life. I highly recommend it.

Paul S.

Yes...they do seem to have a positive effect on my Rottweiler

John G.

Excellent product & service

Susan Hunt

I've seen a remarkable change in my dog since taking these a lot better mobility and he is definitely happier with his walks

Melanie Kitson

Excellent service and the product seems to be working for my older dog.

Geoff Marshall

Great product and 1st class service as always. Thank you.

Lisa Tierney

Very efficient service . Early days yet but product seems to be helping my elderly dog with his joints.


Our cocker spaniel is 11years old and since using these joint tablets we have seen a big improvement in her mobility.

stephen johnson

my dog is still limping slightly due to the cold weather but he is better than I expected him to be


My boy is 10.5 years old and is struggling with mobility! We have only been on tablets for 3 weeks so fingers crossed! Limb doesn't seem as bad though to be fair!

c r w.

This item appears to have relieved my dogs discomfort from arthritic hips and joints, he has been taking it for a month now, so too early to say, as states might take up to 6 weeks

Roberta Peek

Can not be certain how much my Large Munsterlander is benefiting from Joint Mobility as she is also undertaking acupuncture and is on a pain relief drug from the vets but they can't be hurting her. My only problem is that she will not take them on their own whereas she will take other brands of joint mobility tablets, obviously something in them she does not like.

Paula Gamon

Working a treat

stephen johnson

my dog is now on a maintenance of 3 tablets a day. he is getting up more easily but did have one day last week when he was stumbling, but the weather was cold and damp and that probably affected him

Tracie Chick

My border collie (aged 11 years) suffered from stiff joints especially his hips, these tablets work wonders and he's just like a puppy again running around,

Gill Fearn

Helped my Ruby a lot, able to get about more easily and seemed to be in less pain.

Lou Headley

Before taking these tablets my girl could hardly walk, she had gone from having 2-3 mile daily walks to hobbling to the top of the road. Now taking these tablets we are back to our normal walks and my girl is her usual self. I could not recommend these highly enough. My friend was paying 80 pounds a month for the same thing from her vets but I have now put her onto these for her dog too

stephen johnson

my 8 year old Akita seems to be getting up more easily and he is walking a bit better at the moment but I have just finished the loading stage of 6 tablets a day now going onto 3 a day

Geoff Marshall

Now on my second pack of 'Joint Mobility' and my 4 year old St. Bernard seems to have a new spring in her step, weighing in at 72kg she needs all the help she can get!' She also enjoys eating them.

Gill Fearn

They seem to be helping my Great Dane a little bit but they are so big can't give them to my Jack Russell/pug.

stephen johnson

Fast delivery of item. Don't know if it is helping yet as it is still at the loading stage.

Susan Mathieson

An improvement in mobility but as he is 14yrs old and has had cancer recently he is doing well

Peter Ryall

My akita dog Suki has been taking the supplement for the previous 3 months and we have noticed an improvement in her disposition, she is more fluid in her walking and her occasional stagger which was previously very noticeable has not been apparent for several weeks. No problems with her taking 4 tablets a day (she is 50 kg) as she loves the taste and for her they are a treat.

Geoff Marshall

My dog is a 4 year old St Bernard and I have begun dosing her on your Joint Mobility tablets which she readily eats. Although it's early days she does seem more active than she has been recently so I intend to make them part of her diet to hopefully keep her mobile as she grows older.

Lynne Bailey

It's as really helped with stiffness in her front legs limp is so much better

Patrick Edwards

First Class


Great anti inflammatory tablets. Fast delivery. Our staffie was becoming stiff after long walks or laying for a while. After taking tablets have noticed a marked improvement in her mobility and is less stiff. Nearly back to her bouncy self in a few weeks of taking the tablets. So very pleased with the results brought a second bottle.


After a month of using this product my 10 year old dog is going for long walks again like a 5 year old


Love this product! Prompt delivery. Love this product - our dog clearly finds them yummy and looks forward to his treat (no more messy hiding pills in bits of cheese!) ...and since being on these supplements he seems much happier and more mobile

Heather D.

My labrador has hip dysplasia and these tablets seem to be helping her get around more easily

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